A coffin maker and undertaker in Duchu

This is a French colonial era fort in DucPho that in 1968 that was maned by ARVN [Army of the Republic of Vietnam troops.



Duchu Compound


DucPho, Vietnam is located south of Chulai in QuangNai Provence and it is near the coast of the South China Sea. This photo is the north entrance to the town on Route 1.

Charlie Breiner in Vietnam

These are the photos I took in 1967-1968 when in the Army stationed at Scofieild in Hawaii, Vietnam and my R&R to Bangkok. They were taken with a 35 mm camera.using Kodacrome slide film.


Charlie visits the Traveling Wall in Newburgh, NY on Aug 5, 2018

After visiting The Traveling Wall Charlie enjoys a "Treasure Chest"


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