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Tina and Michael

M & T Woodworking and Glass



with the Same Passion



  Tina and  Michael - two artists with the same passion have combined their talents  and started M & T Wood Working andGlass.


What started out as a hobby for Michael when he was 12 years old with only wood and some small hand tools in his mother's basement  soon became a passion for him.


By the time he was 16 years of age he bought his first authentic scroll saw. When Michael  met Tina,  he was still doing his craft as a hobby and used their shed as a workspace. 

This led to the present time, and  now they are creating everything from custom designed shelves,  to intricately carved clocks    or just custom-designed plaques.


The detail of the expert use of the scroll saw  is emphasized in  the beauty of each piece they create. Each piece is sanded and stained to bring out the luster of  the natural wood.


They added glass etchings to their creations about a year ago. Tina was skilled in the art of tattoo which  allowed her  a new direction for her talent -  to put  pictures on glass.


The design  and intricate carving of a 6  foot grandfather clock that included numerous animals  in very fine detail -   dogs, deer and birds  took them a little over a year to complete.


Tina and Michael agree, “It's not about the time it takes to complete a project it's about the passion and art of what we do. Whether it's a simple project or a difficult project we put the same pride and passion into each piece.  People are amazed at the work we do and it really helps us keep doing what were doing.”



They will take special orders for plaques and various articles that have a distinct and particular meaning to people – a friend's gender reveal, perhaps a loss in the family or a special anniversary or occasion.


Their unique designs include football helmets with a kid's name or  number.   Many of the pieces they have conceived center around the United States flag.



If you want to get in touch with Tina or Michael from M & T Woodworking and Glass, you can contact her by email at or phone her at 845-428-0394 and you can reach  Michael at his email - or  call him at 845-707-5434


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