When the mind, action and creative expression reflect your inner wisdom, life becomes balanced. When stress is eliminated, it is the inner wisdom that will bring about fulfillment.

Do you often say, "I always seem to be hurrying because there's never enough time," or, "I wish my life was simpler and more meaningful.?"

Everything you observe in the world is like a dance of fire and ice. The dance of Shiva is the microcosm of Cosmic Realty. The dance of Shiva is macrocosm of Cosmic Reality.   As above, so below. When you slow down enough to recognize this, you will truly see all of what you observe is telling you that you are blessed with divine wisdom. Follow its lead, and you will experience peace, happiness and freedom from what you fear. Your awareness will increase, as well as the ability to see all that is important.   This is reality.   This is natural law.

Each year as spring approaches, you will experience nature's breath of renewal. The spirals and buds of new growth has overcome the death of winter. As the seed  perishes, the new plant begins to sprout.   So it is! Amen! Nature's prayer surrounds us. Listen, and you will hear her stirrings in all that you see. Birth follows death and death follows birth. As your awareness of these changes continues you will observe the seasons of the year with a greater understanding.   There is contentment in knowing the real Self, the Eternal Witness of endless change and possibility, continues its dance of one unending life.  

Human intent is to be happy, healthy, creative, productive, nurtured and loving to the fullest extent possible, yearning to be free from the pains of distress and oppression of your own experiences. Too often temporary happiness is relied upon. You may even get lucky and have a windfall, but like everyting, this too, will pass.

There is a reliable natural source that can envoke eternal joy. It is the powerful gift given to all-it is your imagination!

Thoughts are the most powerful natural resource available. Thoughts allow us to attain our true purpose of life. The thoughts you choose to give attention to, or choose to withdraw your attention from, determine your destiny. In order to establish what thoughts to pay attention to, you need to perceive the significance of the nature and consequence of your own individual thoughts.


Albert Einstein said, "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions"

Don't confuse imagination with fantasy. Fantasy are illusory thoughts, or thoughts that we say are a "figment of the imagination." They are unbelievable! Imagination on the other hand is an extremely powerful, and natural ability that every one possesses. Imagination is the most powerful Energy in the Universe.! Believe it!

Think back to a career or work situation that provided the most satisfying working environment for you (hopefully it is your current job). Now, contrast that one to the opposite - the one that provided the least satisfying working environment.   You are probably instantly able to see that your personal enthusiasm and the level of your innovativeness paralleled the work environment. What dimensions of the environment do you think were most important?   If you wanted to improve the environment for innovation, what specifically would you do?   Leaders through the ages have struggled with these very same questions. They are not unique.

Thoughts are vibrations; manifestations of Energy. Most thoughts are not permanent. They occur, linger for a time, depending on the Energy involved, then they fade away again. To create something more enduring requires using the imagination with as much desire, intent and concentration as possible, an entirely natural process that is as natural as thinking.

Rather than utilizing the natural laws of thought energy, coping skills are substituted, leaving most of the stressful situations ready to rear their ugly head at any given moment. Coping requires thought and energy also, leaving a person drained and depressed.


The sudden introduction of familiar terms with a new impression of meaning often has a significance that goes beyond mere philological curiosity. A poem, a song, or even a picture can take on new meaning or even reveal a hidden meaning that transcends human understanding.

Language evolved from thoughts that pinged upon a basic concept at a prior level of representation. Language in a sense, is metaphoric, as a word is something regarded as representative or symbolic of something else. Language is an effect of thought. More powerful than the internet or a cell phone, language is a primary source of communication. Without language, we could not communicate verbally, either on the internet or the most sophisticated cell phone. Take a moment and think about the importance of language today. Now imagine what the language of the world was 2,000 years ago! As the need for language came about, thought created new words. Changes in our linguistic fabric indicate deeper changes occurring in the mental make-up of those who use a word or phrase. Words can be seen as symbols of measure of transformation in the sphere of consciousness reflecting patterns of thinking, attitudes, and ambitions.

It is important to consider the concept of an open mind that also points to a particular attitude or experience.   Attidtudes can effortlessly diffuse a culture and become firmly embedded   that an attitude can become an inherrent or even, essential human quality.  

On the other hand, if this attitude is held only briefly, it could possibly be described as a positive and amiable statement of an aggregate or total experience, combined with an easily modified inclination   of its full scope of configurations.

This   type of attitude usually does not become a consciously held conviction, but more often slowly dies as it remains   in the background of the mind as an unspoken expression or intuition, resulting in a transformed and possibly less uniformed adaptation of consideration or careful thought of the world.   

Since September 11, 1001, as fear became more evident and a powerful tool in our 'terrorized' society, there was a decline of belief structures that   focused   upon a transcendent non-objective measure of values.    The philosophy of freeing oneself from obstructions, subscribes to all truth as being relative and all values personal and influenced by one's personal feelings, tastes and opinions.  

The most basic of human imperfections and misery, is   the predilection to separate and close themselves off from an experience, imprisoning themselves through their concepts and becoming judgemental limiting their perception of reality.  

Meditation allows a person to expand their awareness without prejudice, permitting whatever thoughts arise to be embraced and abled to break through the shell of limitations and to unite with, and receive the   continuous flow of   happenings of the dance of fire and ice,   letting creativity flow through a quiet mind, disclosing fully, the miracle of existence and   observation of limitless qualities and abilities that will be recognized as infinite potentiality.


As a child you were extremely creative and enterprising, however during your lifetime creativity may have   seemed to decrease. Ask yourself if you still enjoy acting in   plays or making paper dolls.  Do you still   draw or   write stories and post them on the refrigerator for others to see?   

Too often , we think these activities are only meant for a small number of grown ups that are exceptionally creative. Would you believe the only difference between creative people and people that are not so creative is that creative people believe they are creative and non-creative people believe they are not!   The reality is we all are creative and have the potentiality to create.

By relaxing and spending time in the NOW, or present, you increase the tendency to be creative.     Think of a time when you were not able to think clearly, and were unable to solve a problem or produce an idea.   When you changed your thought process by doing something different, perhaps a short walk, by taking your mind off of the problem, most likely and quite effortlessly you had a 'brilliant' moment, and the answer came to you.   Often during mediation, people have 'brilliant' moments and witness great creative experiences.

You have probably read that scientists have been measuring brain waves and patterns for quite some time and have classified brain waves into   categories: The highest frequency waves are beta waves that are related to alertness; active thinking and actions;   alpha waves are slower and emit slow rhythmic waves that occur when conscious ,but relaxed and produce the state of highest vulnerability for external signals.   Theta waves occur during what we often call   the dream state. They appear to stimulate the memory and the creative imagination and happen at   deeper relaxed states of   conscious levels.

When performing meditation, yoga, or tai chi you are living in the present, the state that the alpha and theta brain waves are extremely active.   You are awake and focused, while your body and mind are relaxed and at rest.

Of course, you may say that with today's present lifestyle, living in the present is very difficult, if not impossible, and you continue to exist outside the present and the creative state, which makes you feel more stressed and tired. Like many others, you are the result of negative conditioning that makes it more and more burdensome to find your true desires and who you really are.   Through the practice of meditation and living in the present moment you will become more aware of your true Inner Self, your emotions and how to express who you really are.   You will begin to make right choices and will become well-balanced.   You will balance the forces.   You will achieve equipoise.

Day in day out you hear people complain that they do not know what they want and what they are capable of. Many students spend years trying desperately to find the most suitable kind of study and there are those people that would be very glad to get another job if they could.   Many leaders of industry, television and science complain that it is difficult to find creative people. Creativity is difficult to find in our society as we tend to suppress our potential and consequently the source of creativity causing many people   to have a feeling of being lost or not going anywhere with their lives.

Become conscious of  your potential and bring forth your   hidden creativity into the open. Direct your energy and focus on your goal and you will see results.   The quieting of the mind brings stillness of mind. A spiritual journey is an inner journey.    In the depths of your being lies the source of who you are that dwells in the stillness of emotion,   and the peace and beauty within.   Realization of the Inner Self opens the well-spring of wisdom and strength. The power of your divine potentiality flows from this Eternal Source.   It is the natural law that has always existed.   It is the Law of Creation, that created all of the words, from the first Word.   It is the Law of Creation, that created the Creator and creation itself, which you and I are an integral part of.   Worship and honor the miracle of your creation.  

Recept, Concept, Percept -   A word is received.   After a word has been heard and received, it is through the power of concept we understand it.   After we understand the meaning of a word, our power of precept allows us to command the word and speak the word that has   been established, accepted or self-evidently true.   The word has power.

Recept, Concept, Precept - A thought is received.   After a thought has been heard and received, it is through the power of concept we understand it.   After we understand the meaning of a though, our power of precept allows us to command the thought and speak the thought that has been established, accepted or self-evidently true.   Thought has power.

Thought is a Universal Power- by   utilizing what you already know, you can learn and understand what you know on a higher level. True intelligence is reflected in one's ability to learn something new - something more than he already knows.    Expand your awareness and you will expand your thoughts!

The power of thought brought about your creation. Understand the meaning of your creation. You have the power to command your creativity and express this creativity that has already been established, and accepted or self-evidently true. You have the power to create any thing you want to be!

The power of thought brought about your conception. Understand all that you conceive. You have the power to command your concepts and express your concepts as they have already been established and accepted or self-evidently true. You have the power to conceive new thoughts every day!

The power of precept has allowed you to read and interpret the symbols on this page . The symbols have been put together in an established and accepted method that are self-evidently true. The symbols form words for you to perceive. There are over 2,300 words on this page. You have just read them all with great understanding. Ask yourself, "Why you are able to and how you could do that?" When you begin to understand that, you will begin to realize the greatest gift - YOUR DIVINE SELF.


With great love and respect,

Linda G. Comando, B. Msc., Ph. D.

Transpersonal Counseling




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