"The ideology of sumi-e is contrast and harmony, expressing simple beauty and elegance. Sumi-e painting is contingent upon fluid, controlled brushwork for its effectiveness. Although there are many unyielding rules, each painting must be a spontaneous composition.

The intention of a sumi-e painting is to reflect the spirit of an object in a painting, rather than the illusion of the object.

The artist must acquire the spirit of the subject and attempt to capture its "life force" or "chi". The artist must become one with the subject.

Balance, rhythm and harmony are acquired through concentration, patience and discipline of the student.

The principles of nature's energy and vitality are executed by the intention of the artist in a sumi-e painting. Like the "Tai Chi" ("yin yang symbol"), there is an accomplished balance and transfer of two dynamically opposed natural forces that are integrated within the painting.

This eternal interaction, a metaphor, is the highest goal of the sumi-e artist.

Regardless of your usual medium, or if you are just beginning your creative journey, sumi-e brush painting will improve your skills as an artist and increase your awareness. As your brush strokes become more confident and expressive, your ability to see values and good design will also improve."

In the Spirit of Sumi-e is available in hard copy format or environmentally friendly paperless PDF format.

In the Spirit of Sumi-e, a self-help book written and illustrated by Linda Comando, teaches the ancient technique of an Asian art form. The art itself instills disciplines that lead toward relaxation and the release of one's creative energy, bringing the student to understanding new levels of creativity within themselves.

About the author: Linda Comando is an artist/graphic designer who is enjoying life's journey and new challenges with each sunrise. Recently receiving a doctorate in Transpersonal Counselling, she makes every attempt to share the vision of her journey. Although, In the Spirit of Sumi-e was first written in 1998, it stands the test of time with a unique persuasion that encourages the reader to embark or enhance their creative journey through a simplistic art form. Through relaxation and meditation the artist releases the creative energy that dwells in depths of their soul.

In the Spirit of Sumi-e is now available on Amazon

In the Spirit of Sumi-e is now available on Amazon


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