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Autobiography of Iona Munteanu Ramnic - Artist Pasteliste

I was born in 1953, in Bucharest, Romania. In 1989, I moved to USA and soon after I became a US citizen. Fifteen years ago, my husband and I moved to upstate New York, where we built a house in Woodbourne, Sullivan County. We choose Sullivan County because we love nature, and hiking in the surrounding mountains. In Romania, I grew up under the artistic influence of Anca and Stefan Serbanescu, my aunt and uncle, who were both famous and recognized painters in Romania and Europe. Also my cousin Vlad Munteanu Ramnic became a painter and his wife and daughter embraced the same artistic profession. They are recognized artists in Europe. I always wanted to paint, to draw and to follow my aunt and uncle's career. For me, during Ceausescu's time it was impossible, because of economic constrains. I've study and work in engineering field and follow my passion for painting as a hobby. In Romania during summer and winter vacations, I used to hike, and camp in the mountains. I love nature, hiking, and I continue to enjoy my artistic hobbies: photography, drawing, and painting. As a hobby, I've tried acrylic painting, watercolors, collage techniques, and jewelry making. Pastels media suits me at this moment because it is ease to express my emotions and feelings. Last year, after retirement, I have dedicated my time to my artistic hobbies. My pastels are inspired by nature and the surrounding environment, the Catskills Mountains, the forests, and the Hudson River Valley. I would like to share this passion for nature and art with other art lovers.

Ioana Munteanu Ramnic

Artistic Pasteliste

Member of the Catskill Art Society (CAS)


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