A long, long time ago, chilling winds swept ruthlessly over the Northland, stunting all that was touched by its icy breath.  The fierce Frost Giants began to roam the lands, forcing all who lived in their path to leave their homes or become victims of their chilling grasp.

Way up north, in a little village in Gnibblenook Forest on Korvatunturi Mountain, the Tonttu family had been celebrating the warmth of the sun at Midsummer, the longest day of the year marked by the summer solstice. The Tonttu were one of several gnome clans that lived at the foot of Korvatunturi Mountain in the country that we now call Finland.

While enjoying the celebration, the Tonttu were making plans for the warm days of summer that usually followed the Midsummer celebration. 

But that afternoon, Niko, the oldest and wisest gnome of the Tonttu clan, felt a biting chill in the summer breeze. He knew the chill was a sign and began to caution the other Tonttu.

"The Frost Giants are near!  Hurry, tell all the villagers, the Frost Giants are near!"  

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